• Our Business Mission
    The implantation of modern technologies in the information security business
    Our Business Mission

5 Steps to Success

Step 1: Market Survey

5step1.png Objective data concerning the volume and pricing of imported goods and knowledge of the main players in each sector makes INOK an invaluable partner. Whether at the level of B2B or B2C, INOK can provide a view of the market which will help you to choose the best entry method for your unique business. Our press archive is useful for determining the social and political climate surrounding a given industry, company, or other specific topic. Furthermore, INOK can supply top-notch legal advice concerning the complexities which may arise when doing business in areas which are more regulated than others.

Step 2: Partner Search

5step2.png Location of potential partners in Kaliningrad or throughout Russia. Using specifications given by you, our client, we can form a list of companies which are the most likely candidates to be able to work successfully with you. A financial and press profile about particular companies are usually included at this stage.

Step 3: Presentation

5step3.png INOK can make your business proposals known to targeted Russian companies and serve as a contact and communication gateway, including representation at exhibitions. From targeted proposals to pilot marketing campaigns and surveys, INOK has the know-how and experience to get an accurate picture of the market at the trial stage.

Step 4: Personal Contact

5step4.png Organization of a result-bearing trip to Russia and meetings with potential partners, relevant official bodies, including the administration of the Kaliningrad Special Economic Zone, and provide a valuable ground-view of the market in which your product or service will be competing. Face-to-face contact is an extremely important part of business in Russia, and proper execution of this phase will have long-lasting positive effects.

Step 5: Representation

5step5.png INOK has the capacity to maitain a representative office, with or without dedicated staff, to give you a local presence without the difficulties involved in acquiring local know-how. Outsourcing your business presence to INOK provides you with a dedicated phone line, address in the center of Kaliningrad, and the opportunity to move quickly as open doors appear in Kaliningrad or anywhere in Russia.

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